Keeping to Yourself

I'm a part of a few private groups on Facebook consisting of ministers who've been wounded by other ministers and those who would assume to be power-brokers in the church. I joined because I thought it would be good to be a part of a group of fellow laborers, but I've come to relish my … Continue reading Keeping to Yourself

Building a Library

James Schall pointed to a couple of reasons why one should build a personal library: one should not presume that merely having books and knowledge is enough, because as he wrote, “Knowledge alone won’t save us ... The essential thing is the ‘inclination to know.’”[1] Having an “inclination to know” is what Schall considers the … Continue reading Building a Library

Church Etiquette

When I was a child, I’d always receive instructions when my parents took me somewhere. One of daddy’s basic rules was always, “Children are to be seen and not heard.” For those brought up like I was, we knew what this meant, and you didn’t dare test it. However, on certain occasions, there would be … Continue reading Church Etiquette