Building a Library

James Schall pointed to a couple of reasons why one should build a personal library: one should not presume that merely having books and knowledge is enough, because as he wrote, “Knowledge alone won’t save us ... The essential thing is the ‘inclination to know.’”[1] Having an “inclination to know” is what Schall considers the … Continue reading Building a Library

Church Etiquette

When I was a child, I’d always receive instructions when my parents took me somewhere. One of daddy’s basic rules was always, “Children are to be seen and not heard.” For those brought up like I was, we knew what this meant, and you didn’t dare test it. However, on certain occasions, there would be … Continue reading Church Etiquette

Church Contributions and Distributions

I, for one, have always believed that when God’s people know of a need that they will always meet it. When God commanded for goods to be given for the construction of His tabernacle with Israel, Moses had to actually stop the people from giving because they had given enough and then some (Exod. 36:2–7). … Continue reading Church Contributions and Distributions