How a Democracy Becomes Tyranny—According to Plato

A democracy is birthed because of frustrations with the ruling classes, and the citizens seek freedom from such (Rep. 557a). It then becomes a city of liberty and free speech (557b) and a manageable measure of equality (558c). However, the incessant drive for more equality redefines the traditional founding virtues of democracy so that they begin to … Continue reading How a Democracy Becomes Tyranny—According to Plato

Edit Before Adding More Content

By the end of my workday yesterday, my brain was tired. I had spent a greater portion of the day writing. I had a brief reprieve in my time when I went to pick up my children from school, so I read in the car while in the dreaded pick-up line. I'm pretty sure Dante … Continue reading Edit Before Adding More Content

On the Setting of Goals

Two days ago I set a personal goal to write 1,000 words per day. It may sound like a lot to non-writers or others, but it's not that much but it's also not too little. I believe it to be realistic given the demands of my workday as well as balancing my life with reading, … Continue reading On the Setting of Goals