The Beginning of the End

I’ve spent the past two weeks reading through and marking a manuscript of my dissertation before I go on to write my final chapter. This is it. It’s the beginning of the end. I remain grateful to the congregations where I’ve served who have allowed me to continue my academic journey that began in 2004. New Concord is where I worked on and completed my master’s degree, and the Tompkinsville and Lehman Avenue churches have been where I’ve worked on my doctoral work for the past four plus years.

The churches, I hope, have benefitted from my learning. The trick has been not letting it go to my head and become so sophisticated that I forget the farmers and people with eighth-grade educations in the audience. “Balance is best in all things,” wrote Homer. Being able to balance the intellectual challenge of my academic studies along with my teaching in the church setting has been key. Church work has kept me grounded so that I’ve not grown too big for my britches.

Along the way, as a part of my ministerial duties, I’ve been able to put into written form a few studies that I’ve taught in the church setting. They are quarterly studies, and one is on how women served in the early church, and the other is on the book of Isaiah. Another is forthcoming on the Intertestamental Period, and they’re all being published by Start2Finish publications. If you’d have an interest in any of these studies, you can click on highlighted name of the company and be redirected to their online store. Here are the graphics for each book, the first two ready to order.




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