Gregory of Nazianzus on the Liberal Arts

Here's what Gregory had to say about secular education in his eulogy of Basil the Great. I take it as admitted by men of sense, that the first of our advantages is education; and not only this our more noble form of it, which disregards rhetorical ornaments and glory, and holds to salvation, and beauty … Continue reading Gregory of Nazianzus on the Liberal Arts

The Beginning of the End

I've spent the past two weeks reading through and marking a manuscript of my dissertation before I go on to write my final chapter. This is it. It's the beginning of the end. I remain grateful to the congregations where I've served who have allowed me to continue my academic journey that began in 2004. … Continue reading The Beginning of the End

Ph.D. Progress Report

It has been a very long time since I've posted on this site. Since then, I've deleted all posts and revamped the site to begin anew in 2016. Excitingly enough for me, I'm in my final semester of Ph.D. studies where I'm taking my last class. I also have 150 pages of the body of … Continue reading Ph.D. Progress Report