My Research Methods

I suppose everyone has a method that works for them. I know I do. Mine isn't gospel or without fault, I'm sure. However, I've grown rather accustomed to how I research and would be glad to improve if I was shown a better way. Just recently, I had an article published in the Stone-Campbell Journal on … Continue reading My Research Methods

What Will You Do With That Degree?

Nearing the end of my formal education, I often reflect on a question asked of me by others—"What do you plan to do with your degree?" I haven't viewed my education as utilitarian, but as something to be pursued for the joy of learning. I could very easily have contented myself with my bachelor's degree, … Continue reading What Will You Do With That Degree?

My Academic Journey

It is completed! Or should I say, "If my committee decides so, then, it is completed!" On Sunday, I finalized writing my dissertation and after an email exchange with my advisor forwarded it to him. He will be reviewing on over the next week, and then he'll let me know what if anything further I … Continue reading My Academic Journey