We Have a Date


Nearing the completion of my Ph.D. has been nerve-wracking. I believe that I’ve stared so much at my dissertation that I miss simple formatting and grammatical mistakes that I’ve made. However, just yesterday, I finished revising it in its entirety.

When I first completed my thesis, I notified the chair of my committee who read it and then had two other members of my committee read it. It took my three weeks to revise the project based on their remarks. Then, once I’d finished that revision, the head of the department read it and noted more changes to be made. I just finished yesterday, thankfully.

Now, I have a defense date—Tuesday, April 19. I’m excited, tired, but hopeful. If the defense goes well, I’ll be able to graduate the next Friday, April 29. So here’s to the future where a break from “scholaring” seems near.

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