Modern Kentucky Has Forgotten Its History

Earlier this week, I submitted an article to the Stone-Campbell Journal for review and publication on the pioneer preacher, John Mulkey. If they find this article favorable, it will be my second article on Mulkey—one of Barton W. Stone's democratizers—to be published by this journal whose focus is the American Restoration Movement. The thrust of the article … Continue reading Modern Kentucky Has Forgotten Its History

Petrarch on Reading Great Books

Francesco Petrarch (fourteenth century) was an Italian scholar in Renaissance Italy and is often referred to as the Father of Humanism. He rediscovered the writings of Cicero, which was heralded as the beginning of the Renaissance. He also coined the concept of the "Dark Ages" (Middle Ages) because of the decline of intellectual pursuits following the … Continue reading Petrarch on Reading Great Books

How Obtaining a Doctorate Humbled Me

The only thing I know for sure is how little I know. —Socrates It has been nearly three weeks since I was defended my dissertation, was hooded, and walked the line in my doctoral regalia. Since then, people have congratulated me, sent me cards, and called me "Dr." Even my children referred to me as … Continue reading How Obtaining a Doctorate Humbled Me