I Wanted My Children to See …



Me with my daughter (Bri, 14 yrs.) and son (Cole, 8 yrs.). 


This past Friday, I walked the line and received my Ph.D. I am finally finished, after twelve years, being a professional student. However, I’ll always be a student because I love learning and reading. People have asked me what I’ll do now that I’m done, and I’ve told them that I was going to binge-watch Netflix.

I am the first person on either side of my family to go to college. It started out as me wanting to be a preacher and then evolved into me loving to learn and being so hungry for knowledge that I couldn’t get enough. I still have that feeling … that hunger. However, I’m going at my own pace now and not the speed of a syllabus and deadlines. I began reading Cicero’s De Officiis (On Duties) on Saturday and am loving it. I’ve also finished reading a book on Greek mythology and have another book on the history of the Greeks of which I’ve read the introduction, so I’m still learning and growing.

I did not walk for my bachelor’s and master’s degrees, but I wanted to walk for this one. My wife and children shared in sacrificing. They deserved to see it as much as anyone. They deserved to celebrate it as much as I would. They were with me the entire time, and they stood by me through it all. They are my cheering section. They are those whom I love the most on this earth. Because I am the first person on either side of the family to go to college, I wanted them to see that if you set a goal, you can reach it. You can work hard enough and make the necessary sacrifices to do what you wouldn’t have thought you could do. I wanted my children to be proud. I wanted my children to see.

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