A New Chapter


I’m close to one month away before leaving my current position as associate minister at Lehman Avenue Church of Christ (Bowling Green, KY) to become the preaching minister at the Glendale Road Church of Christ (Murray, KY). I began full-time ministry in the area of Glendale Road at the New Concord church in the same county. The good thing is that we’ll be going back to a part of the state that we love and in which we have many friends. Also, my wife has a brother and sister-in-law in the general area, and they have a nine-month-old son, our nephew. We’re looking forward to being back around them too.

Last year when I was in the area to officiate at a wedding, I recall driving down the main street, and my wife asking me, “Don’t you miss it here?” My answer was that I did miss it there, so we’re very thankful that God has opened the door for us to return to Murray, KY after being away for nearly five years, so come June 13th, we’re looking forward to relocating.

It’s our hope and prayer that this will be our final transition from one congregation to another. We’ve moved on average every 2.5 years since I’ve been a minister—not because of any other reason than that we believed God to be leading us elsewhere. We would still follow His lead, but if we could have it our way, this would be our last labor in His Kingdom. We’re looking forward to being with the brethren there, as well as our friends and family. We’ve already purchased a house and, hopefully, will close on it the week before we move. Things have worked out splendidly, and we continue to go by God’s grace into the future. We only pray that we can be as useful to Him as He has been kind to us.

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