On Angels in Worship

I hadn’t given any thought to the notion regarding angels in worship until I dug deeper into the Scriptures. Were you and me to open our Bibles to Psalm 138, we’d read David’s words as saying, “Before the gods I will sing praises to You” (v. 1). However, in the Greek Old Testament and even … Continue reading On Angels in Worship

The Beauty of Motherhood

    We all have them whether they are known to us or not, whether they still live or have passed into eternity. Many of us have happy memories when we think of our mothers, but some don’t have such happy memories. Sadly, however, many want to be one but are unable for one reason … Continue reading The Beauty of Motherhood

Churches of Christ Need to Fire The Chief Elder

At Glendale Road, we're in the process of identifying additional men who might serve among our college of elders. Two days ago, I preached the second sermon on elders in preparation for this process. I decided to preach from Ezekiel 34:1–10 so that our current and likely incoming elders could learn from the mistakes of … Continue reading Churches of Christ Need to Fire The Chief Elder