Dismantling a Culture of Shechem

I have been disturbed by the ongoing news that a famous Hollywood producer had advanced himself upon many women. Some of those women, for the sake of their careers, believed they had no choice but to give in to his advances. Others refused him and suffered because of it. All it took was for a … Continue reading Dismantling a Culture of Shechem

Defining “Sound Doctrine”

A favorite synonym of "sound doctrine" is "orthodoxy." To be orthodox is to conform to what is true, and while there are differences as to what sources contain orthodoxy, we regard the Scriptures as the only source to this end while some of our neighbors would include alongside the Scriptures various creeds and councils—such as … Continue reading Defining “Sound Doctrine”

My Fifth Great-Grandfather, Chief Mushulatubbee of Okla Chahta

    I am the eldest child of Brian Hunter, who's the eldest son of Marjorie Hunter (née Tubby). My grandmother is the eldest child of McKinley Tubby, a WWII veteran (c.  1920–1999), who himself was the sixth child of Simpson and Minnie Tubby according to a 1929 census. My great-great-grandfather, Simpson is a son of Lewis … Continue reading My Fifth Great-Grandfather, Chief Mushulatubbee of Okla Chahta