On Job: An Introduction

 1. Lecture notes on Job[1] Deuteronomist theology assumes that God rewards right actions and punishes evil actions. The implication is that anyone flourishing is righteous while suffering persons must have done wrong based on either one’s flourishing or suffering. The entirety of this problem is known as “theodicy”—explaining undeserved suffering in light of God’s justice. … Continue reading On Job: An Introduction

Joshua and Genocide

I confess to having not given an in-depth study of the claim that God ordered the genocide of the inhabitants of the land of Canaan until forced to face the dilemma head-on. The claim often goes that God decreed that all people be devoted to destruction, viz. death, so that Israel could take possession of … Continue reading Joshua and Genocide

What Are We Fighting to Preserve?

I teach the auditorium class during Bible study on Sunday mornings, and we've been studying the book of Acts. I've tried to cover one chapter per week this way we're not too deep and technical but also not overlooking significant points. For the past few weeks, we have looked at Paul's departure from Ephesus to … Continue reading What Are We Fighting to Preserve?