Janus and New Beginnings


Janus was the god of door and gate in Rome, and by extension, god of endings and beginnings. Our month, January is so named after this Roman god whose likeness was a face looking forward and a face looking backward or looking at the past and future. As we enter the new year today, we look back recounting the previous years’ victories as well as setbacks.

For most of us, given the holidays, we can only focus on the losses we suffered from family and friends. A chair may have been empty, and a voice silent because someone we love had passed away. We can also reflect on poor choices and their consequences. Hopefully, these are experiences that will have contributed to our growth as a person.

Looking ahead to this new year, we can make resolutions as to how to become better. Despite the naysayers, we can, with discipline, grow better in whatever we would want. The new year is a new beginning. It doesn’t erase the past, but we can face the future with a unique perspective on the things that have occurred and how we can best grow as a result of them. Happy New Year.

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