N. T. Wright Critiques David Bentley Hart’s New Testament Translation, and Hart Replies to Wright’s Assessment

One of very items I wrote about in my Start2Finish column yesterday was about many preachers within churches of Christ loving Wright’s theology. You can read that post here. As it so happens, one of my other favorite theologians, David Bentley Hart, recently produced his own translation of the New Testament published by Yale University Press. I read yesterday a critique of Hart’s translation by Wright, who himself had published his own New Testament translation in 2012. You can read Wright’s review of Hart’s translation at The Christian Century here. Hart has apparently read the critique and replied. Here’s an excerpt from Hart to pique your interest:

While I have respect for some of Wright’s theological inclinations, I am one of those captious few who thinks his New Testament scholarship suffers from a dangerous combination of the conventional and the idiosyncratic, with a few significant historical misconceptions mixed in, and that all too often it is an exercise in imposing meanings on the text that best conform to his own convictions, plausible or not.

Read Hart’s full response here. This is a clash of the Titans.

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