Cabin Life

When a child, I grew up on a family farm north of Nashville, TN where also my uncle and his family and grandparents lived. Our home was a small log cabin in which we had no central heat or air, but a wood-burning stove and one window conditioner that was stationed in my parents’ bedroom. I’d always wanted to end up in a cabin on some land with my family but figured this would be something that would wait until near retirement. Thankfully, it didn’t wait that long but is now a reality. We’ve been in our cabin on our small plot of land nearly two weeks. We have two hens who’ve been producing eggs, we plan on acquiring guineas to keep the land clean of pests, and who knows what else the future holds.

I’ve returned to my childhood in a manner of speaking. Except, I have central heat and air, and our cabin is larger than the one I grew up in. Now, however, I’m not the son of the cabin, but the husband and father. We’ve already been entertaining and plan to do some more in the future, Lord willing. Our new home sits nearly twenty miles outside of town and is in the country, a tranquil place of quiet and reflection. When I go home now, I look forward to it because I can roam some of our land walking our miniature schnauzer, Winston—so named after the British P. M. of the Second World War. Our cat, Nya, has enjoyed her new home as well, as far as I can tell.

In the search for the perfect home here on earth, I’m led to the realization that our yearning for the ideal domicil here only anticipates that which God is preparing for us. The eternal home we are to have will be with and among Him. My house here is in need of tending and can still decay, but the home He has for me isn’t subject to decay. What a wonderful thought.

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