A Disturbing Trend For Preachers of Large Congregations

I recently spoke with a friend who shepherds a congregation in another state. As we were conversing, he informed me of the numbers they had on Sundays which were far less than I'd ever known them to be. When I inquired as to the cause, he stated that their minister bore a part of responsibility … Continue reading A Disturbing Trend For Preachers of Large Congregations

What Is A Reserve Deputy?

I'm asked this question often since people know that I am one. I've learned that many have never heard of a reserve deputy and wonder what exactly we are and do. After all, I wear the uniform of a regular deputy along with having on a duty belt, firearm, extra magazines, and handcuffs. I look … Continue reading What Is A Reserve Deputy?

Our Spanish Daughter (Our Exchange Student)

This last Friday, we collected our exchange student from the airport in Nashville. We were supposed to have received her on Thursday, but a long line of storms caused her flight to be canceled from D. C. to Nashville. To us, she is our Spanish daughter, hailing from Madrid, Spain. We have spoken with her … Continue reading Our Spanish Daughter (Our Exchange Student)