Bona Fide Ministry (Podcast)

I’ve begun a podcast on SoundCloud so named as the title of this post suggests. Since I’m new to podcasting and running it all my own, I hope to have it on iTunes eventually. I’ve already tried Spotify, and it was unable to sync despite having given it the requested RSS link. Nevertheless, you likely couldn’t care less about all that, but I share it to tell you what I hope to do from here.

The podcast itself is just me talking about various aspects of ministry—the things you won’t learn in classes and that you can really only pick up from experience. Since I’ve learned that we ministers have a lot of shared experiences, I want to speak to those and try to encourage my fellow laborers in their ministries, especially considering the challenges we often face. If you find it helpful, I’d be grateful for a review and subscription. Thus far I’ve only recorded two podcasts (19–20 mins.), and they are:

  1. From Marine to Minister
  2. Dealing with the Chief Elder

2 Comments on “Bona Fide Ministry (Podcast)”

  1. I listened to and enjoyed your episode on dealing with the “chief” elder (though I’ve been fortunate so far to not have firsthand experience the phenomenon). Have you looked into podcasting with When you make an account and publish your podcasts on Anchor they automatically distribute it for you to the major podcasting outlets and it is 100% free.


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