Church Contributions and Distributions

I, for one, have always believed that when God’s people know of a need that they will always meet it. When God commanded for goods to be given for the construction of His tabernacle with Israel, Moses had to actually stop the people from giving because they had given enough and then some (Exod. 36:2–7). … Continue reading Church Contributions and Distributions

Timothy Wasn’t a “Pastor”

The term “pastor” doesn’t appear in any of the letters to Timothy and the one to Titus—though the three are believed by some scholars to be a single composition rather than three separate letters. They have been referred to as the Pastoral Epistles only since the eighteenth century, but if Timothy wasn’t a pastor, what … Continue reading Timothy Wasn’t a “Pastor”

The Canaanites Weren’t Displaced Because They Sinned

The second section of The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest posits an interesting perspective—that what God did by devoting the inhabitants to destruction or driving them out was not the result of their sin (see part 1 of this series of posts). The authors, first, use Job as proof that evil people are no more treated … Continue reading The Canaanites Weren’t Displaced Because They Sinned