When the Shame Is Too Great To Bear

Having recently had a discussion with some Christians about when our sins appear too shameful, we noted how those in sin can sometimes think there’s no way they can rebound from the mistake. The reality is that none of us are perfect. However, we categorize some sins as worse than others likely because varying punishments … Continue reading When the Shame Is Too Great To Bear

How Women Served in the Early Church

I think we could all agree that we have women in our lives who have played a prominent role in the formation of our character. They have left their footprint in our hearts and have made us better. They may be mothers, grandmothers, or wives. They could merely be Christians who served God to the best … Continue reading How Women Served in the Early Church

On Underappreciated Educators in Kentucky

I've read that in less than 36 hours after apologizing for his incendiary language about Kentucky educators, Governor Matt Bevin has once again used harsh rhetoric, this time referring to their tactics as "thug." Bless his heart. For disclosure's sake, I'm not registered with either party, but as an Independent—mostly because I think independently of … Continue reading On Underappreciated Educators in Kentucky