One of the worst realities about churches of Christ has become brethren, despite being well-intentioned, binding upon one another on matters and in places where God hasn’t. This, however, is nothing new, but ancient. In Matthew 15:1–10 (cf. Mark 7:1–7), the scribes and Pharisees essentially accused Jesus and His disciples of being “unsound” because they … Continue reading Binding Where God Hasn’t (Part 1)

Binding Where God Hasn’t (Part 1)

This last Thursday evening I attended Life House’s annual banquet at which the Benham brothers told their story of how they nearly had a show on a cable network but had it canceled because of their Christian beliefs which were on record. These ideas that some folks found disagreeable led those who disagreed to engage … Continue reading The Life House Banquet, Benham Brothers, and Civil Discourse

The Life House Banquet, Benham Brothers, and Civil Discourse

We often think of salvation as a one-time process where we professed our faith in Christ and were immersed into Him, and the Bible certainly supports this view (Mark 16:16; Acts 16:30–33). However, salvation is presented not as a one-time process of obedience which we for so long have called the steps of salvation. Rather, … Continue reading The Ongoing Process of Salvation

The Ongoing Process of Salvation