What We’re Known for Versus What We Ought to be Known For

I recently had a conversation with someone from another faith tradition, and invariably the conversation steered towards distinctive marks of churches of Christ, though cordially. As you might imagine, the first item mentioned had to do with our worshiping God without instruments. I explained simply that we believe the earliest Christians didn’t do this, so we … Continue reading What We’re Known for Versus What We Ought to be Known For

Learning to Say “No” To Ourselves

We who are parents know the importance of sometimes telling our children “no.” It’s not that we want to be joy-kills, but that giving them everything they ask for can be damaging to their character formation. Plus, sometimes they deserve a no for previous bad behavior. You and I have seen children who have never … Continue reading Learning to Say “No” To Ourselves

Janus and New Beginnings

Janus was the god of door and gate in Rome, and by extension, god of endings and beginnings. Our month, January is so named after this Roman god whose likeness was a face looking forward and a face looking backward or looking at the past and future. As we enter the new year today, we … Continue reading Janus and New Beginnings