Rethinking Joshua as Genocidal

I've picked up John H. Walton's and J. Harvey Walton's The Lost World of the Israelite Conquest for a book review I'll submit to the Journal of Faith & the Academy. Thus far, I've only read the first section to get my bearings on what the authors want to do, and I've read other in The Lost World … Continue reading Rethinking Joshua as Genocidal

A Disturbing Trend For Preachers of Large Congregations

I recently spoke with a friend who shepherds a congregation in another state. As we were conversing, he informed me of the numbers they had on Sundays which were far less than I'd ever known them to be. When I inquired as to the cause, he stated that their minister bore a part of responsibility … Continue reading A Disturbing Trend For Preachers of Large Congregations

What Is A Reserve Deputy?

I'm asked this question often since people know that I am one. I've learned that many have never heard of a reserve deputy and wonder what exactly we are and do. After all, I wear the uniform of a regular deputy along with having on a duty belt, firearm, extra magazines, and handcuffs. I look … Continue reading What Is A Reserve Deputy?